No kitbags allowed on poolside at Champs


We have been working with the management of K2 to improve the air quality and reduce temperatures on pool side and in the spectator gallery.

As part of the process of improving the environment and increase the amount of space for swimmers on poolside we are banning all large kit bags or loose kit from pool side during competition.

Only one bag per swimmer will be allowed on poolside and this will be restricted to a small ‘string pull’ bags that can hold essential medicines, refreshments and some personal items.

To ensure that everyone has a bag for their personal items we will be giving away 600 bags that have been kindly donated by ‘Airtech‘. These bags, which come in 7 different colours, will be distributed to swimmers before they arrive on poolside so that kit can be transferred.

There are 400 lockers available in the changing area where kit bags can be stored. These operate with a £1 coin that is returnable.

There will be no exceptions to this rule.

FINA – approved suits list for 2015

FINA, the world governing body of aquatics, has issued a definitive list of swimwear approved for the 2015 season.

The list includes suits, goggles and caps that can be used for Swimming and Open Water competition from January 1 to December 31 2015.

Follow this link to the list.

President’s Charity Challenge

logo copyClub swimmers from all over Sussex are expected to take part in the Presidents Charity Challenge.

The Challenge, which this year supports the Sussex based Children’s Respite Trust, is open of all swimmers in clubs affiliated to Sussex County ASA. The challenge is designed to let everyone, irrespective of age, ability or disability, to take part – this includes swimmers, divers, water polo players, synchro swimmers and masters.

Sussex President Anthony Gimson launched the challenge on 1 September and said, “Most of us in the swimming community are very lucky to be healthy and fit and able to do what we do. I hope together we can do a little to help some of those less fortunate. This small Sussex based charity does very good work supporting children with disabilities and their families to get a break”. Continue reading