Sussex County

Sussex County

Amateur Swimming Association


Sussex Winter Competition

21 & 22 October 2017 at K2, Crawley

This competition is licensed at Level 2 and has events ranging from 50m to 400m and includes the 100IM Junior and Open Championships. All other events will be heat declared.

Times achieved at this competition can be used for entry to the National short course winter Championships 2017, County & Regional Championships 2018 and Level 1 & 2 open meets.

We have introduced a new 17yrs + age group at the request of swimmers and coaches. This age group proved very popular at this year’s Championships as it helped to retain enthusiasm for competition amongst older swimmers. Because of this change some of the qualification times for younger age groups have been eased.

Because of the licensing rules for galas that limit the length of sessions we may not be able to accept all entries. If the competition is oversubscribed and is expected to run beyond the allowable session time, swimmers closest to the qualifying times (slower entry times) will be removed equally by age and event until the running time of the competition is inside of the allowable session timing. Para swimmers entries are exempt from this condition.

Programme of events

Qualification times


Notice to clubs

Entry fees

Entry fees for this competition will only be accepted if paid by BACS. Any entry fees not received by 21 October 2017 may result in swimmers being eliminated from the event. No refunds will be offered for any swimmer eliminated from the event because of late payment of entry fees.

Coach and team manager passes

The safeguarding of children is important. There have been a number of incidences in recent years where unidentified people have walked onto poolside and assumed a position of authority with teams. To ensure that everyone on poolside is authorised to be there we are regulating the use of coach passes. Please make sure that all your coaches and team manager wear their passes at all time – there can be no exceptions.

Bags and chairs on poolside

Space is at a premium at all venues. To make the most of the available space and to give swimmers as much comfort as possible on poolside, the number and size of bags  able to be brought onto poolside is limited.

  1. All large kit bags and loose kit is banned from the poolside during competition.
  2. Only one bag per swimmer will be allowed on poolside and this will be restricted to a small “string pull” bag that can hold essential medicines, refreshments and some personal items. Coaches will be allowed a kit bag.
  3. Chairs used by coaches/team managers/swimmers will not be allowed on poolside unless used for medical reasons, to be agreed with two of the following: Event Manager, Hon Swimming Secretary, Lead Referee.