Annual Council Meeting 2023

The Annual Council Meeting will take place at BHASVIC on Saturday 17th June 2023. 

We urgently need volunteers to help grow and develop the county if we are going to be able to fully support our athletes in the future. If you have any spare time and would like to help the county please ask your club to nominate you or contact Brian DeVal at for more information.

Important information

The role of a club delegates.

The role of the club delegates is to vote on behalf of their club for officers, committee members, and changes to regulations.

Every club affiliated to Sussex County ASA is entitled to nominate club delegates to the Annual Council Meeting.

Club delegate nomination form.

Agenda for the ACM 2023

Draft minutes of the ACM 2022

Annual Report 

Proposals for changes to regulations

Regulations (June 2022)


Any member of an affiliated club can stand for any elected office as long as they are over 18yrs of age on the date of the election.

There are two ways to become nominated. Complete one of the forms below or submit a self nomination online.

Nomination form for elected positions (PDF)

Nomination form for elected positions (word version)

Self nomination form (all submissions will be sent to the club for verification before being added to the ballot).