Get involvedVolunteers make a huge contribution to aquatics in Sussex by running clubs and events. Without them we simply would not exist. Everything that happens in our sport happens because of volunteers at some point.

We encourage swimmers, parents and fans to ‘Get Involved’ with our sport, not just as spectators but as volunteers within your club, helping us to run events with your technical expertise or by handing out awards or training to become an official.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience, benefiting everyone involved. It builds upon life skills, work skills, confidence and has a positive impact on both the sport and the volunteer.

Our vibrant swimming community in Sussex can be directly attributed to the professionalism of our volunteers. Without volunteers our athletes would not be able to achieve their goals.

To ensure that volunteering remains a valuable experience for everyone, everyone needs to understand both the good practice and the legal implications of volunteer involvement. Click here for organisations that can provide information about:

  • The law;
  • Expenses;
  • Contracts, and
  • Health and safety.