Meet the President

Swimming has a long history in Sussex. Brighton Swimming Club, the oldest swimming club in the country, was established in 1860. The County’s first president, Mr L.R. Styer from Brighton Swimming Club, was installed in 1895.

Meet our President 

Kate Lafferty (Atlantis Swimming Club)

I began to get involved with swimming when my eldest child, now 18, started swimming with Atlantis SC when he was 9. He was soon followed by both his sisters, the youngest is still competing at County, Regional and National competitions.

It took me until I was halfway into my son’s first competition to realise that the sitting in the spectator area was not for me and decided to get involved and volunteer. I have since trained as a J1 and team manager, I am Atlantis SC’s membership secretary and Vice Chair.

Most swimmers going to county competitions will already recognise me as I am usually found sitting at the medals table alongside Gemma presenting medals and rosettes (we might need a little more help on there now if anyone is interested?!)

I love being involved with swimming, meeting and working with the other volunteers, coaches, officials – the days are long but thoroughly enjoyable!

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in the next couple of years in my new role.  

It’s going to be tricky following in Simon’s footsteps – if I’m half as good as him, I will be doing a good job!

If your club would like to invite our President to any of your competitions or events please contact County Honorary Secretary.

Vice President 2023-25

We did not receive a nominations for the important role of Vice President. If you know someone who would be able to fill the role and take over as President in June 2025 please write to our Honorary Secretary.