Sponsoring Sussex County ASA

Our vision:

“To support the potential of all aquatic athletes in Sussex and to ensure that the most talented have access to the necessary support”.

Why we need support

Realising our vision will involve providing our clubs, teachers and coaches with the tools and development opportunities that are essential to ensure that every athlete is able to reach their full potential. 

We are looking for a partner to help us provide the support and experiences that will help our athletes, clubs, teachers and coaches to success.

As our partner you would benefit from association with a high profile, international sport that has a positive image and inspires athletes to train and work towards goals at the highest level.

About Sussex County ASA

We attract audiences from across Sussex and from all sections of its community. We play a key role in supporting a range of governmental, sporting, educational and social objectives, including:

  • Active lifestyles
  • Life long skills
  • National Curriculum sport
  • Social inclusion
  • Safe communities
  • Reducing deaths by drowning

Our sport has a positive image that inspires the youngest of our athletes to train and work towards goals at the highest level.

Current sponsors

We are delighted to be working with P&S Electrical in a development programme for young swimmers, aged between 10 and 12 years, who have begun their competition journey.

The programme, known as the Sussex Swimmer Development Pathway, will involve around 70 swimmers each year who compete at the Sussex County Championships held in January and February.

Members of the 2017 Development Squad

Read more about Sussex ASA in our Annual Report.

Our audiences 

Sussex has a vibrant swimming community including: 19 competitive clubs

  • 6 affiliated organisations
  • Around 4,000 club members
  • Nearly 2,000 registered competitors aged between 9yrs and 90yrs
  • A water polo club network bringing five clubs together 
  • 150+ active officials and other volunteers 

Our Championships see over 570 individual competitors entering more than 3,300 events.

How we connect

We take care to use our social media channels responsibly to protect our athletes and volunteers. 

This website had more than 15,000 regular users and over 90,000 page views in 2019. 

We have 800 followers on our Facebook channel with a regular reach of 2,500.

Our Twitter feed is followed by 600 accounts with regular retweets by clubs and individuals.

Sponsorship vehicles 

In Sussex we have an ambitious programme of development that would provide strong vehicles with good visibility for a sponsor. This includes:

  • A whole sport development plan.
  • A county wide Continuous Professional Development (CPD) day attracting around 120 volunteers from all clubs keen to improve their knowledge and gain new skills and qualifications that will help their clubs.
  • Coach development sessions that includes seminars and practical training focussing on athlete development. 
  • Organising sport psychology seminars to provide parents of Age Group swimmers with advice that will help them support their children at the start of their journey into the realm of high level swimming.
  • Running training camps for a Development Squad (60 age group swimmers) that link into the national talent pathway.
  • Bringing together athletes from different disciplines to learn about good land training techniques and nutrition so that their sporting careers are as long as they want them to be.
  • Sending a team of athletes, coaches and team managers to represent Sussex at the British Inter Counties Championships and gaining valuable experience of high level competition.
  • Recognising the excellence of our volunteers and athletes through the annual Sussex Volunteer and Achievement Awards.

Branding opportunities

2020 is the 125th anniversary of Sussex ASA. Throughout the year we are planning a range of activities to celebrate this important date and to show how lour sport has developed and grown. The anniversary is also a perfect opportunity for sponsors to put their name into the spotlight with the development a dedicated brand to mark the event. 

  • County Championships and Age Group Competition over 5 days.
  • Relay gala
  • Masters Championships for swimmers aged 19yrs and over.
  • Winter competition over one full weekend in October.
  • Diving Championships and skills competitions.
  • Water polo league.
  • Sussex inter club league.
  • Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) day for volunteers.
  • A Grant scheme that helps clubs develop their coaches and invest in specialist equipment.

In addition all our teams, officials and volunteers wear uniforms that could carry a sponsor’s branding. 

For more information about becoming our sponsorship partner please contact our chairman.


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