100IM Champions from Winter Meet

From the Winter Competition held last weekend we have four new Champions.

In the Junior event we have 


  1. Ella Thornburg, Littlehampton, 1.09.53
  2. Milla Clench, East Grinstead, 1.09.90
  3. Lottie Evershed, Hailsham, 1.11.88


  1. Alexander Davis, East Grinstead, 1.02.01
  2. Leon Taylor, Shiverers, 1.02.16
  3. Robert Taylor, East Grinstead, 1.05.22

Trophies and medals for the Junior events will be presented in club environments as soon as possible (the trophies need to be engraved first)

In the Senior event we have 


  1. Hannah Poulter, Brighton, 1.07.06
  2. Amber Ranson, Atlantis, 1.08.34
  3. Isabella Hayes Atlantis, 1:08.72


  1. Mackenzie Cannon, Mid Sussex Marlins, 58.86
  2. Joseph O’Neill, East Grinstead, 59.75
  3. Louis Charon Hastings Seagull, 1.00.32

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