World Aquatics rules & updates

The Swim England SLG have issued the following statement, which will also be going out by the Clubs Newsletter, Swimming Officials News, to Regional Officials Coordinators for onward transmission to County Coordinators.

World Aquatics (FINA) is currently reviewing its technical rules in all disciplines. In respect of swimming, the revised rules, covering the 2023-25 period, were published on 3 January 2023. The British Swimming Swimming Officials Group will shortly circulate details of the new rules, create training materials and determine a suitable date for their implementation.

The new rules should NOT therefore be applied at swimming competitions held in England until the implementation date is determined.

County Age Group Championships should therefore be judged in their entirety under prevailing Swim England Laws, Regulations and Technical Rules of Swimming, WITHOUT reference to revised 2023-25 World Aqutics Technical Rules.

Following the publication of the World Aquatics Swimming Rules (January 2023), the British Swimming – Swimming Officials Group have produced a summary of the rule changes. 

The full version of the current rules covering all disciplines, including an explanation of the changes and associated interpretations for swimming is available.

Keep your knowledge up to date

It is still a requirement for any official wishing to re-licence to have attended a World Aquatics Rules Update presentation during the 4 year term of their licence in order to satisfy Mandatory Element 6 and details of these will be published/circulated by your local coordinators.