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FINA rules regarding the use of wetsuits

New guidance for the use of wet suits has come into effect. See the FINA rules section below.

Download ASA guidance on wetsuits for open water competitions.

Download FINA open water rules 2017 – 2021 here.

On 11th January 2017, further information was circulated by FINA as follows:

Therefore during 2017, control of wetsuits at the Open Water Swimming competition will be done directly by the Technical Officials prior to the competition. The wetsuits should meet minimum requirements for coverage – wetsuit must completely cover torso, back, shoulders and knees, and shall not extend beyond the neck, wrists and ankles. In addition, the outer surface of the used wetsuits shall not include outstanding shapes, such as ridges, fins etc. Details on exact procedure for control and confirmation of wetsuits at the FINA competition will be available from the official FINA Technical Delegate prior to the competition.  

To clarify the current FINA rules concerning permitted swimwear for the disciplines of swimming, open water swimming and Masters swimming in British Swimming competitions:

In addition to complying with FINA General Rule 5, the swimwear in these competitions must comply with By-Laws 8.2 and 8.3 concerning the style and material used. This does not prevent the use of a zip (or other fastening) as this is not mentioned in these provisions. British Records may be achieved. However, if a World or European Record is to be claimed then the swimwear must meet the requirements of the issuing authority. This is separate from the General Rules and By-Laws and is subject to change at any time. A list of approved swimsuits can be found on the FINA website.

Sussex 5km Open Water Championships 2018

This event was cancelled in 2017 because of the lack of volunteers willing to provide essential support.

We would be interested in discussing with affiliated clubs who may be interested in running this event in 2018. 

Please contact Brian DeVal (Chair, Sussex County ASA).