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Diving competitions

Diving is both exciting to learn and thrilling to watch. There are three clubs in Sussex able to provide training for divers. Click on clubs for info.

Diving Competitions and Championships

Skills competition – overview

The “Skills” event is a combination of pool side and springboard diving which is currently regarded as a measure of ability to proceed safely on to learn more complicated dives. There are 12 “dives” to perform.

Here are the dives required fort the Skills Competition 

There is also an opportunity to enter the same event at Regional level taking place in February / March and Nationally in May.

For the 8 to 13 year olds, in three groups, the Pool; or Bath side section examines front and back entries, the one metre part looks to how the take off and body position in flight is managed while the three metre section deals with experiencing falling from a greater height with clean, i.e. splash less entries. Of course, clean entries should be aimed for in all sections.

A 14 to 16 year old is expected to have mastered the basics so are mainly examined on a range of dives from both spring boards as well as two basic falls from 3 metre.

Sussex 1m diving Championships

entries closed for 2017

Sussex 3m Championships and synchro diving competition

entries closed for 2017

Fina rules

Download FINA diving rules 2017 – 2021.