Festival of Swimming – Important Update – Saturday 17th July 2021

The Swim England South East Region Swimming Group met on Thursday 15th July to finalise arrangements for the upcoming Festival of Swimming. Our primary objective is always to provide a quality competition that allows as many swimmers as possible to compete in the safest environment. Because of the measure we have set out below we have been able to accommodate around 30% more swimmers than we originally expected.

The spread of COVID is still causing concern in all parts of the country and the impact on those infected, and their contacts, is significant. Although the Government has lifted all legal restrictions associated with controlling the spread of COVID and leisure centre operators have decided to do the same, the Festival galas will continue to mandate strict social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Why have we taken this decision?

Government rules still require, until August 16th, any contact of someone who tests positive to self-isolate for 10 days. That would have an immediate impact on people’s ability to work and to go on holiday. It would also place a significant risk on the Region’s ability to run the second weekend of competition and potentially deprive clubs of the staff needed to continue to operate.

As the promoter of the competition the Region has a duty of care towards swimmers, coaches, officials, and parents. After careful consideration, we have assessed that the risk associated with running the competition with no restrictions to be unacceptably high.

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