Sussex County

Sussex County

Amateur Swimming Association


National County Team Championships 19

Ponds Forge Pool, Sheffield – Sunday 6 October 

A hugely frustrating result by missing out on promotion by just one point. Despite this disappointment everyone performed to the very highest level and we could not have asked for more. Read the Coach’s report.

About the competition

The National County Team Championships is an annual competition. There are 39 team split into two divisions; Sussex are in the second division.

Each year the top four teams from Division 2 move up to the first division and lowest point scoring team in Division 1 are relegated. In 2018 Sussex just missed going up.

The competition is made up of 31 short course events including individual and relay events and a mixed squadron event. The opening ceremony is at 11.30 with racing at 11.45. You will be able to follow the event on Facebook and Twitter and on line at Swim England.

More information about the competition is on the Swim England website.


Coaches and Team Managers

The team will be supported by the County President, Chairman, coaches and team managers, they are:

County President: Kerrin Cruttenden – Chichester Cormorants SC

County Chairman: Brian DeVal – Brighton Dolphin SC

Coaches: James Nock – Eastbourne SC / Andy Lobley – Atlantis SC

Team Managers: Tracy Hedley – Hastings Seagull SC / Yvonne Weeden – Atlantis

Our Team

We have initially invited 25 swimmers to join our 2019 team.