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Swimming Championships & Age Group Competition 2018

Space is at a premium at all venues. To make the most of the available space and to give swimmers as much comfort as possible on poolside, the number and size of bags able to be brought onto poolside is limited.

1. All large kit bags and loose kit is banned from the poolside during competition.

2. Only one bag per swimmer will be allowed on poolside and this will be restricted to a small “string pull” bag that can hold essential medicines, refreshments and some personal items. Coaches will be allowed a kit bag.

3. Swimmers are not allowed to bring chairs onto poolside. Coaches and team managers may bring a folding chair for their personal use. One chair only per team.

Helpful information

Download the official Swim England times conversions. Select ‘equivalent performance’ from the downloads menu and save to your computer.

Check your times on the National Rankings.

All Sussex County Swimming Competitions are run on Hy-Tek meet manager. Use this file to help you complete the Hy-Teck entry process.

Points Competitions

There are a number of different competitions running alongside each other within the County Calendar.

A summary of all these competitions is available here.

Poolside accreditation

Safeguarding of children is important. There have been a number of incidences in recent years where unidentified people have walked onto poolside and assumed a position of authority with teams. To ensure that everyone on poolside is authorised to be there we are regulating poolside accreditation.

All club representatives supervising athletes shall abide by the Swim England Wavepower policies and guidelines at all times and shall have completed appropriate training in accordance with these policies and guidelines.

Clubs must ensure all coaches and team managers follow this policy and wear their passes at all time – there can be no exceptions.

For more information about poolside accreditation please look at condition 11 in the Conditions for all Senior and Age Group competitions 

Photography policy

Sussex County ASA are aware of the wide range of mobile phone and other personal hand held devices with a photographic capability, enabling the capture of both static & moving images. Used responsibly, such devices are perfectly safe, but sharing images widely may betray a confidence or even an identity and such information may help those who may want to harm children.

The use of such equipment is difficult to control but we can all be vigilant and if you have concerns in this area please bring them to the attention of the event manager.

We frequently have photographers at our events to provide images for our website and other publication. Sussex County ASA, Swim England and British Swimming work closely with our experts to ensure that in making these images available to enhance the presentation of our sport we are not putting any children at risk in any way. If you have any concerns please refer to ASA Wavepower document, section 2.5, pages 84-85.